Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow in Sarajevo

The first two photos are from yesterday; others are from today. This is my street.

Snow that was falling from Thursday till yesterday completely paralyzed my country and so my Sarajevo. People who had to go out of home could go to their destinations only by foot because traffic didn’t work at all. We got more than 1 meter of snow blanket. Schools are closed until next week. Exams for University students were also postponed. But Sarajevans once again showed the power of their spirit and took advantage of this difficult weather conditions to have some fun. People have been organized in removal of the snow; some have enjoyed in walking, children enjoy in sledging, snowboarding or making snowmen; some were so extreme and jumping into the snow from the windows or garage. It is my work day tomorrow. I hope public transport will be able to work like they have announced over TV.


Beyond My Garden said...

You have received such a lot of snow. I love the photo of the group of people shoveling a path. One person may feel overwhelmed at such a force but one joined with many may accomplish much.

Marie-Jeanne said...

That's a lot of snow!!! Luckily so far nothing at all where I leave, but we got a lot of strong wind!

Sandra said...

i have never seen snow like this, as a child we lived where it snowed, but only a few inches, not over the top of our boots. this is great that they are working together and having fun, might as well do that than sit in side and wait for it to go. hope you get safely to work tomorrow.

Arija said...

It seems that most of Europe was snowed under. It is nice to se 'man power clearing a path in the street. I remember such a winter when I was very small when my father had to climb out of the window to shovel the snow from the door so it could be opened.

It is very bad in countries like Spain where snow does not normally fall and the farm animals are starving.

I hope you get to work alright but ai bet all the children are enjoying the holiday!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh my,that is a lot os snow. We have not had that much in years. Right now we could use some snow,it will be a very dry swing if we don't get any.Stay safe in all that.

Flor said...

Oh! Lord!!!
Here in Lisbon we have any at all.

Good luck!

Andrea said...

I know your Country can be be very cold. But I think this situation is really too much...

S. Etole said...

What an abundance of snow. I like how the yellow building stands out in the white covering of snow.

Titania said...

I think Europe has not seen so much snow for a long time. I think, extraordinary natural behavior is quite al right as long as it is not dangerous. It take the ordinary out of every day for a while. Hope you get to work otherwise you can sleep in!!T♥

photowannabe said...

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of snow. I can see how it paralyzed the City. I hope you can get to work.
Be safe and stay warm.

Snapper II said...

The photos of the snow are beautiful. I hope it doesn't get to bad.

Viola said...

Oh my...!! It's hard to imagine all the snow you now are having.. we saw it on the tv also! And it must be diffifcult and hard snow work for the people, to get rid of all the snow in the streets.. But I'm quite sure the children are having much fun! :))
Here at my place we don't have that much snow.. but still we have some.. :)

Thanks for your friendly comments Meda! :)

Hugs and kisses from Viola :)

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