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Hidden ring

I am sorry that I don't know real name of this beautiful flower.

It really looks like a ring.

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Stari grad Visoki/Old Town of Visoki

It was cloudy yesterday and it got colder. My husband and I thought it was a great weather for longer walk. So we went to a small town Visoko which is about half an hour away from Sarajevo by car. Visoko is the town of rich historical heritage. It is named after the Visoki Castle and The Old Town of Visoki which was a famous medieval royal castle town during XIV century. The first mention of the town was in 1355 but it is believed that it was built even earlier. It was used by Bosnian bans and kings as a ruler's residence from which several official charters were written to other states.

On these three photos above you can see some details of the Old Town of Visoki that have been excavated.

The fortress and town of Visoki are located at the top of Visočica hill at a height of 766.5 meters. From this place the view of the plains below and red roofs of the houses is just beautiful.

On our way back, just when we came down from the hill, we heard the barking of dogs and then we saw a roe-deer running away down the slope. In another minute the poor animal found itself on the road just in front of us, ran across the road rushing towards the forest. Everything happened so quickly and I was happy that I managed to take this photo. But I was exciting the most for the fact that the roe-deer managed to run away from three hunting dogs that was hunting it.

If you take a good look you can see the dogs on this photo.

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Friday, August 22, 2008


Have a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


On our way to Jablanica Lake we went through a town called Konjic which extends on both sides of Neretva River. The first two photos were taken in this small but beautiful town. What I like the most on these photos is reflection in the water. The construction of the bridge which you can see on the second photo hasn’t finished yet. The last two photos are again from the lake.

I was standing on a bridge when I saw this snake swimming in the water. I had to use zoom to take its photo which isn’t clear for that reason.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jablanica Lake

This tree is pulled out from its root so it fell into the water. I don’t know if it was caused by storm or something else is about.
I would so much like if I could display my photos in bigger size. Maybe it is possible but I don’t know how to do that. If someone knows I would be thankful for the lesson. :-))
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jablaničko jezero

Jablaničko jezero (Jablanica Lake) is artificial lake in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was created in 1953 when a hydroelectric dam was built on Neretva River to generate electricity. The size of this lake is 1440 hectares and its average depth is 70 m. This is a popular vacation destination where people enjoy swimming, boating and fishing. That is the place where my husband and I had a wonderful time yesterday in the company of our friends who came from Rijeka (Croatia).
I’ll post more photos tomorrow.

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....what are you doing over there, little goat?
„Oh, hello cow, I thought the grass was greener over here, but I was wrong. I’m now trying to find my way back".

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Field patched with daisies

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White Daisy

Have a nice weekend!

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