Monday, December 17, 2007

Dark winter's morning

I am sorry I am late with my post and with my comments for which I apologize to you my dear blog friends. I will visit your blogs as soon as I can. I was too busy over the weekend and didn’t have spare time for photographing. Since I didn’t have any idea what to post for today I decided to post this photo. Although this photo didn’t turn out well like I hoped to it, I still think it is interesting a little bit. It was early Saturday morning and still rather dark when I captured it in one of the cities parks on my way to work. These pigeons appeared from nowhere looking for food. They probably thought I had something for them. I am sorry that I didn’t have anything for them at that moment.


myonlyphoto said...

Medam, hey don't need to apologize, we all have busy real life outside blogging, and that must come first. I think the photo you posted is really cool, it makes you think what you looking at first, but for me it was nothing since I really like pigeons, especially when they are scared and flying away - we used to do that to them when we were young, but of course we fed them first, lol. Thanks for dropping by my blog, it is appreciated. Thanks again, Anna :)

AlVany said...

The funny thing is, when u look into the pictures the pigeons are flying up high but behind them is a split way, left and right, the picture is great, I am just imaging the scene if we humans could do the same like them, and just fly up high, never taking a left or a right turn,... :D
The picture is just great

Anonymous said...

They certainly look spooked!! Funny picture!

Mandy said...

never mind the photo is a bit grainy you've captured the flying pigeons very nicely and I love how the old lady in the background is framed by the trees - marvellous.

Dan said...

This is a wonderful pic. No need to apologize for being busy! We all need to balance our lives and distribute our energy among all the things demanding our attention.

Michele said...

I love this picture. You caught the birds in flight which is really neat. I love the snow falling.
Do not apologize! There is no need for that!!

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MedaM said...

Thank you dear Anna, for you nice words and understanding! You are always kind and ready to comfort others. :-)

Thank you Alvany, I am glad to see knew name on my blog. Thank you for describing the way you saw my photo. I like it! :-)

Mandy, I am glad to see your comment. I appreciate it a lot. thank you. :-)

Thank you, Dan, very much for your words of understanding. That really means me a lot. :-)

Dear Michele, I am glad to see you and that you like this photo. Thank you for your nice comment. :-)

Kerri Farley said...

Oh need to apologize...and we enjoy seeing pictures very much! I love this one.... the pigeons in flight are very neat....and i also LOVE the benches on the left hand side...all snow covered. BEAUTIFUL! I clicked to enlarge and also see a lady walking in the background....I wonder if she was getting ready to feed the pigeons :)

MedaM said...

Thank you Kerri, very much for your nice words.
As for the lady; she was only one of passerby.:-)

Joy said...

You caught the birds just in time! What a fab shot!

Please forgive me if my visit to you blog in the next couple of weeks will be slightly intermittent, as I am home in Manila spending some lovely time with my closest and dearest, while basking in the sun. Your visits to my blog/s, however, are much appreciated!

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