Monday, June 16, 2008

Flower floating

This is not black and white photo. It's just a little white flower dropped into the watering can.
Dear my blogging friends, I’ve been very busy and I hope I’ll catch up with your posts as soon as I can.
Have a nice rest of the day!


Kerri said...

What a unique shot! Love the simplicity of it!! Wonderful Work!

Andrea said...

Very nice.
And in some way poetic.
The poetry from small things.
I like it.

Pietro said...

No doubt, it's a successful experiment: I like this unusual picture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear ))) Your photos make my days! So adorable )))

JB's Big World said...

Pretty flower. Don't worry about being sure is hard to keep up on everyone's mom is busy too!

Anonymous said...

beautiful flower, beautiful photo.


ruth said...

Great eye, MadaM, and such a simple lovely composition.