Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Among Pigeons


JB's Big World said...

It gets cold out and the pigeons come out more and more to try to find food from people! Love your shots!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

great shots...and indeed there are many, many pigeons about...like the area and the buildings with the tile roofs. very charming.

have a great day.

Pietro said...

Very fine and lively images, Medam.
Piazza San Marco in Venice is full of pigeons, they are a part of the tourist attraction! :)

Anna said...

Medam excellent shots!
Are these kids with guns, hopefully just a toy gun.

Anna :)

Sandra said...

we only have a few pigeons here in florida, but Savannah GA where I am from, had them just like this. we would go to the park and buy peanuts to feed them and they came just like these. great shots