Friday, April 3, 2009

Glance out of car window

While on my way to work yesterday morning, I looked out the car window and noticed these beautiful horses. This was an unusual sight, because it is a suburb near the city. But they were not there anymore when I passed by this morning.


Lara said...

wonderful animals!

JB's Big World said...

Hello Medam,
We have been so busy too and have not been able to visit blogs as much as we like.
Love the horses of course, as we love animals! Great shot.
--JB and mom

erin said...

hi there.
what a good capture of the pretty horses...looks like they are well fed ^..^
have a wonderful weekend.

photowannabe said...

Doesn't it make you want to stop and give them a carrot or something? Great shot and i like the interesting fence in the background.

Joy said...

They seem a bit tired, but yes, they are beautiful.

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I, Woman

Pietro said...

I think horses always give us the feeling of the countryside. Beautiful image.
Have a nice weekend!

GMG said...

Hi Medam! Beautiful shots! It's wonderful that you still manage to catch some wonders on your way to work...
Amazing pictures after the match... We are in a very position, even with the Best 2008 Player in the World... ;))

Now, one week working without coming here and you don’t even remember that
Blogtrotter still exists. But it’s there, even if India 2008 has come to an end… ;)). Have a great weekend!

Titania said...

I love horses (even so I am a little scared of them). it is lovely to have such a nice encounter in the morning with such pretty, happily munching animals. Loved to look through your former pictures. Always something extraordinary to show and enjoy.

Anna said...

Medam you are right, these are nice horses. Anna :)