Friday, September 16, 2011

My hometown

The above photos I took from the top of the building that you can see marked in this photo, and this photo I took from the place you can see below.

Sve fotografije sam uslikala sa vrha zgrade koju sam označila na ovoj fotografiji, a ovu sam uslikala sa mjesta koje možete vidjeti u nastavku.

Have a nice weekend to all!

Ugodan vikend svima!


Viola said...

Hello my dear friend! :) Good to see you back here! :) Yes this can happens sometimes, nott feeling time or lust to blog.. but here you are! And here we all are, whenever you are back.. :))

What a wonderful town surrounded by mountains! And a terrific view of the town from that buildning!! =)

Congratulations to your son and wife, many beautiful pictures! I hope they'll live happy for ever! :)

Hugs from Viola! :)

S. Etole said...

What beautiful surroundings. It looks like an enormous city.

Ruth Hiebert said...

These are fascinating pictures.This is a huge city and yet,the pictures are so clear.

Nely said...

Predivne slike još divnijeg grada,kojega sam se istinski poželjela,dugo nisam bila,ali ostao mi je u divnom sjećanju...najljepši pozdrav vam šaljem:)

Sandra said...

I showed these photos to my husband and he said is she in an airplane? these are really excellent photos of your city, and i said no she is way up high in a building and on an overlook. i did not know your city was so big like this. thanks for letting me visit

Anonymous said...

Drago mi je da si ponovo sa nama, da fotografiraš, da uživaš! Prekrasan mi je ovaj post, prepun boja...lijepih građevina viđenih kroz objektiv tvog fotoaparata, sve pohvale draga Meda!

Pusa i lijep vikend:)

Lilly... said...

Drago mi je vidjeti tvoj post, i još kakav! Ah, Sarajevo... ostvarit ću ja jednog lijepog dana taj svoj mali san! :) Puse!

photowannabe said...

Thank you for the photos of your City. Its much larger than I thought it would be. I like that it is surrounded by lush mountains. I'm so glad you have returned to blogging.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandra said...

when i came to see your city, i missed the header, or maybe you just added it. it is awesome. I love the view looking down on all of them, beatiful