Thursday, July 19, 2007

and more


Bergson said...

Hold of the haystacks with old

At least the in love ones could be rolled inside

Regret :-(

photowannabe said...

Can you tell me more about these interesting stacks?

MedaM said...

Hi Photowannable
I hope you don't mind my bad English but I hope you will understand me well. You asked me to say more about these haystacks. Well, these haystacks are made manually. Only well experienced farmers can do this properly. Firstly they take a wooden stuck which has to be pound deep into the ground. The length of the stack depends on the size of the haystack (whether it will be small or big). The stack can be 2 to 3 metres long. The haystack hast to be raised from the ground because of the evaporation. During the stacking hay there is a man who has to be on the haystack to gather hay putting it around the stack and then stamping it with his feet while others who are on the ground passing him little by little of hay. When all is done, when they come to the end, they put some protection on the top itself (some kind of cloths or some else material) to prevent water to find its way through the middle of the haystack. Then the haystack is being raked over so that water can flow down the haystack when it is rain. This way hay can be saved for several years. This really is a primitive way of stacking hay but it is the most convenient way for those who live in hilly areas and who has small stalls where can get only one haystack. Only farmers who live in plane areas and who are enough rich can provide themselves with the modern technology which helps them to have hay in roll.

Ele ^_^ said...

Really interesting! Thanks for the explanation also from me! I love this shots because I had never seen that haystacks! ^^