Saturday, September 15, 2007

A little bee

I think this is a kind of a bee. It is too small; it is double smaller than a common bee I use to see on the flowers. I noticed this little bee yesterday by chance on a bloom of this herb which grows in my garden. The blossom of this herb is not bigger than the camomile’s blossom. By the way this herb is very bitter but is very healing especially if stomach aches. One can make a tea from it or just eat a fresh leaf or so. I am sorry that I don’t know the Latin name of this very useful herb.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

That is a really nice picture. I am learning to take pictures myself.

I really like the way you can see the flower through the transparent wings.

Andrea said...

A nice picture.
I think it's not a bee but a kind of sirphus.In few words a fly that tries to seem a bee or a wasp for self-defense. But with humans this is not ever a good idea...

MedaM said...

MidlifeMutant: Thank you for dropping by and for your nice comments.

Andrea: Thanks for your comments and for the explanation.

photowannabe said...

Nice capture. I like the transparancies of the wings.

Anonymous said...

That's perfect - where the bee is on the flower!

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Bergson said...

I like this bee

Anonymous said...

Hello and greetings from Finland!
Could this flower be Chamomilla?

I use Chamomilla tea very often :)

Have a nice Wednesday !

MedaM said...

Hello Leena and thank you for visiting. This is not Chamomilla. I too use it very often; it smells good and is nice for drinking but this herb isn't tasty at all because it is very, very bitter. If you pay attention you will notice the difference between chamomilla's petals and the petals of this herb. :-)
Have a beautiful day!