Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Morning Glory

I was afraid that there wouldn’t be anything of this beautiful flower in my garden this year to see me off to my work every morning when all the blooms were opened in all its beauty. The reasons for that were garden snails which enjoyed in eating this lovely flower as soon as its first leaf would appear. In spite of all this morning glory somehow managed to survive. There are no as many blooms as there were last year but the beauty is the same.
Please click on the photo to enlarge it.


MaryB said...

Your photographs over the last few days have been wonderful, this one is no exception! A very pretty flower beautifully captured :)

MaryB said...

All your photographs over the past few days have been wonderful, this is no exception, a very pretty flower beautifully captured :)

photowannabe said...

Beautiful, its like a trumpet welcoming the new day.
Great shot.

KMF said...

your photographs are very impressive i love all
and u have a nice garden also

ruth said...

That vivid purple with the lavender/pink is stunning. Nice work.