Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gornja Bijambarska Cave

Gornja Bijambarska Cave is the oldest cave in the Bijambare area. Its entrance lies below vertical rocks at 973 meters of elevation, and it is oriented toward southwest. It is distanced approximately 85 meters from the entrance to Srednja Bijambarska Cave, just 28 meters higher. This cave is neither a big speleological structure nor does it have the beautiful decorations which make Srednja cave so attractive. However it hides in its floor the most important records of past fauna and mankind prehistory.
During earlier explorations, different material culture finds were collected in the cave, i.e. ceramics fragments, which, based on their structure and ornaments, belong to late Bronze Age.
Within the animal fossils, one of the most representative inhabitants of the caves during the cold periods was the cave bear. This specie was more robust and bigger than the actual bear. Most of the weak and old bears died inside the caves during the hibernation period and for this reason many bones were found. The cave bear became extinct at the end of the last ice age around 10000 years ago.


like a bird said...

The weather is quite well..
Green colors are very cool~~
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful cave ))) I would like to visit it. Thanks

Pietro Brosio said...

Very beautiful cave and what a splendid landscape outside!

Anonymous said...

I picture the bears sitting at the picnic table.

Great view from inside looking out!

Michele said...

I am loving the cave pictures so much! I really like that view looking out... that is my favorite!! WOW! What a spectacular view!!

Joy said...

These are such beautiful shots, Medam! How have you been?

I hope that you will be able to listen to my radio show this Saturday. My guest is a British woman who has lived in the Philippines for 30 years, but who is originally from Norwich.

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JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Caves are so interesting. Great shots!

Oman said...

i love caves and have explored a few in the philippines. most fear caves because of the bats and the sudden gush of water inside but i do love them because every cave tells a story.

what a lovely set of pics medam and your posts really made me interested.

have a nice day.

Stanley said...

I really like the picture with that "sillouette". Reminds meof my last trip to a cave. The forest seems to stretch so far and has no end!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for taking me here! Very cool!