Thursday, July 31, 2008


On Sunday, 27 July my family and I were in beautiful city Mostar. It is beautiful historic city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the biggest and the most important city in Herzegovina and the centre of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation.
Mostar is well known for its Old Bridge (Stari Most), after which it is named. The Old Bridge is situated in the old town of Mostar and it connects the riverbanks of emerald green Neretva River.
Diving off the Old Bridge (25 metres down into the rushing cold waters) is the popular extreme sport that is traditionally held every summer in this city. There were 61 competitors this year. 29 of them jumped on their feet and 32 competitors jumped on their head. There was no way I could capture anybody while was falling down but these photos could show you a little bit of the atmosphere itself that was there.
Please click on the photos to see more details.

This is one of the streets in old town. In the left top corner of this photo you can see a café called “Terasa” (Terrace) from which I took many nice photos. It is beautiful view from the top of it.
Under the Bridge
If you enlarge the photo above you can see a jumper just in the moment when he took himself off.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place. there are a lot of people around. I am not brave enough to dive off a bridge. LOL!


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Yes, these are wonderful photos! WOW... just look at all those people. That bridge is awesome but no way... I wouldn't jump off that bridge... too scary! =)

ruth said...

WOW is right! Gorgeous town. And what a competition. I agree with Michele, I wouldn't jump. And I might not like watching someone else jump either.

Lawstude said...

wonderful event. i specially like the 2nd pic but i also like them all. definitely a postcard moment.

it warmed me-up in this rainy day. have a nice day medam.

Joy said...

Wow! Such an interesting place. One of these days I shall travel there!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.


Pietro said...

What a beautiful place. So lively, picturesque and cheerful.
I should like to spend some days there and take many pictures too.

Anonymous said...

The bridge is fantastic ))) Thanks for your nice comments, I highly appreciate them )))

JB's Big World said...

Again, my mom says your country is so beautiful! We love that bridge!

Max-e said...

MedaM, all I can say is wow. Looking at the photographs of your part of the world gives me itchy feet. We have been planning a trip to Europe, but are more and more inclined to want to visit your part of the world. It looks truly amazing.
Our son has just bought a house in a village in Bulgaria, so that will be a definite stop over for us.

Lara said...

beautiful Mostar! and you captured it so well!

kostas said...

I think this is a wonderful place and the bridge is unique!
Have a nice weekend.