Friday, September 5, 2008


Have a wonderful weekend!


photowannabe said...

Such a gentle simple flower. Nice shot Meda.
You have a wonderful weekend too.

Joy said...

I've always found the word 'petunia' funny, but the flower itself is pretty :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Have a nice weekend!

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Pietro said...

Graceful and delicate flower.
I enjoy this picture a lot.

Kerri said...

OH, this is just Beautiful!!
The color is stunning!!

I hope you got my email with the instructions on how to make your pics bigger. If you didn't, let me know and I will re-send it.

JB's Big World said...

You and my mom sure love flowers! Such great shots. LOVE the gazania! My mom is trying to get her blog back up and she finally posted today after such a long break. We hope to get back to regular visits now....we hope!

Paz said...

Oh, another lovely flower. They're all lovely, aren't they.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love petunias.. and the pink ones have always been my favorite!

I like the color of your blog.

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