Monday, January 5, 2009


Another cycle begins.
May your new year be better than the last one!
May this one be the first of many happy days to come!
May it be flourishing and full of good health and happiness!
Wishing you Happy New Year where ever you are!

For more wonderful photos of other lovely flowers please visit TODAY’S FLOWERS


Darla said...

Are those petunias? Love the assortment of colors.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Hi Medam

Wonderful series of flowers!
Thanks for sharing!
Hope you have a great 2009!


ELK said...

W O W stunning mother nature

Chris Chisu said... the flowers, love the colors...everything. Splendid.
Happy New Year.

Day4plus said...

Beautiful Petunias. I can't wait til Spring. MB

Leora said...

Wonderful studies! Love the last one especially, the deep pink.

Andrea said...

The green one is absolutely my favourite!
So beautiful.
Thank you for the nice Wish.

Pietro said...

What splendid flowers in this beautiful sequence: I enjoyed it very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Medam, These photos are really beautifully shot. I love close ups. What camera are you using. You should be proud of yourself they are excellent.

Barbara said...

Beautiful job on these shots. Nicely done. Smiles B

Calusarus said...

Your choice of framing is really nice for this series

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful!