Friday, August 24, 2007

13th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival

The important and interesting event that’s happening in my city is 13th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival which started on the 17th August and it will last till 25th August. This festival is the biggest in south-east Europe. The red carpet was spread in front of our National Theater where people can see many famous directors and actors from more than 30 counties. My husband and I took a walk last evening and this is a photo that I took while we passing by the National Theater.


Anonymous said...

ja sam vidjeo na nedimovoj stranici reklame za ovaj festival. mora cu da planiram sljedece godine da posjetim :) slika je preljepa. narocito kada vidim da se ljudi druze jedno sa drugim, toga nemapuno u svedskoj :( prijatan vikend

Ele ^_^ said...

Wow a Sarajevo Film Festival, it must be a wonderful event! ^^

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are wonderful, I I love to see places I've never visited.
You've captured the glitz and glamour of this moment beautifully :)