Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fog in my city

The temperature got higher a few days ago (it was about +7◦ C today) what caused melting the snow. Once white snow is now getting more and more dirty. It is slightly foggy but we also have had a little sun during the day. The night photo was taken last night and the day photo was taken this afternoon.
Hope you all have had a good weekend!


Lara said...

from the 6th floor where I live, we cannot see the street from fog. same situation yesterday. I am glad it's weekend and we can enjoy the fog from a distance, guarded by a nice cup of Kaminfeuer tea. hugs, Lara

Kerri said...

I do love fog...but only in short doses....not for long periods of time...I like the top "foggy" shot a Lot!

joy said...

It looks might cold. Do you like winter, medam?

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ruth said...

I really enjoy the combination of snow and fog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, MedaM. :) Thank you for your visits.

worldwide1 said...

nice shot of your city.