Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ducks in Miljacka!?!

I was told even last year that there were ducks in Miljacka but I had never seen them before until two days ago. That is something new for me and for so many people who wonder how it comes. That is why I found interesting to capture some photos of them. They were quite far from me so the photos are not as clear as I would like them to be.


Michele said...

Well, that's always a treat to see some ducks!!... thanks for sharing your fun.
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Wolfgang said...

They seem to have fun!

Lara said...

I like ducks very much and I enjoy photos with ducks a lot!

Mandy said...

I like your ducks

you liked the last lot of roadsigns I posted so thought I'd let you know I've just posted another batch.

myonlyphoto said...

Hey Medam we got lot of ducks here in Canada, may be we can send them over to your place, lol, we also have Canada goose here, lol. Thanks for sharing these little bits of information and your photography. Anna :)

Joy said...

Do the ducks look happy? They seem bored.

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