Thursday, January 17, 2008


This beautiful relief was made by my husband’s cousin who is a master of fine art. She gave it to us as a present several days ago.
Ibrik is Turkish word and it is copper, narrow-necked vessel with a cover. It used as a water pot or coffeepot what depends of its size.
This is kind of ibriks which once used for handling water.

These two ibriks were made by my mother’s uncle 49 years ago. He was coppersmiths who had his own copper-works in one of the well famous and attractive streets that is called “Kazandžiluk”. It is now uncle’s grandchild who’s been running the same copper-works. The craft of working copper is one of the oldest crafts, and is still practiced today. In the old days coppersmiths mainly made things like are copper dishes which they still do, but now also make souvenirs.
These ibriks are my mother’s souvenirs. Those are not the only copper things which she keeps in the memory of her uncle.


ruth said...

We loved these when we lived in Istanbul. In fact, my husband sold them to the U.S. market. I still have one in my office at work.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

GOSH, these are such precious and beautiful pieces. Things likes these are not seen here in Canada anymore.... it's so rare to find and if you do, very very expensive. Wonderful to learn about this, thank you.
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Wolfgang said...

Very nice, I especially like the detail shot. It's nice to have family souvenirs.

Andrea said...

Beautiful objects and good shot,of course.
And I like a lot to read your words of explanation.


Anna said...

Hey Medam thank you for writing this interesting info, never knew things like that existed. Thanks for sharing. Anna :) btw nice shots

Dan said...

Not only are these fantastic pieces of art but they hold a treasury of family memories. thanks for sharing these with us.

Lara said...

wonderful things! art at its best!

Max-e said...

These are beautifully made. Nice to gave such treasures in the family

JB's Big World said...

Those are beautiful. My mom is very interested in beautiful pieces like these. She has a very interesting family history from Holland, and enjoys seeing photos like these very much.

Joy said...

Wow, they make very good heirlooms. Very interesting artwork.

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Kerri said...