Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Along with Nature

It is my photo
I am sending today
It was taken on Sunday
Two days before my Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! :-))


Wolfgang said...

Happy birthday to you!

Michele said...

I'm sending you a great big birthday hug ((((HUG))))
Happy birthday, my friend!!!!
These are fantastic photos... you are beautiful and so talented!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Happy birthday to you!
These are great photos. The green in your shirt brings the green in the scenery out so much.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you MedaM.
Enjoy taking pictures.

vu@granby - Gilles Martineau

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
Buon Compleanno Cara Amica!
And what a wonderful day,it was.


photowannabe said...

A very special happy Birthday to a great photographer. Love your blog and hope your day is wonderful. Nice pictures of you too.

MedaM said...

Thank you Wolfgang!

Michele, my dear friend, thank you! I am sending my hug for you too (((HUG)))

Thank you, JB very much for your greeting and for your nice comment.

Thanks Gilles, I appreciate your greeting very much.

Andrea, my friend, thank you very much! And it really was wonderful day on Sunday.

Thank you, Sue (photowannabe), thank you very much for your nice words!

Max-e said...

Happy birthday MedaM, hope you had a wonderful day and that you have many more.
Looks like a nice place to relax

MedaM said...

Thank you max-e, very much and for your nice wishes.

myonlyphoto said...

Medam, happy belated birthday, sorry I missed. These photographs are very nice. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Joy said...

Hi Medam! So sorry I missed your birthday. I'm happy to know that you and I are both Pisces. I hope you enjoyed it.

I love the photo and the greens that I see. Really clear water.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

MedaM said...

Thank you Anna and Joy; it is never to late for nice wishes. :-)

Kerri Farley said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry I am late with the Birthday wishes!
These are LOVELY pictures!!!

Lara said...

I am so late with this, but still, sending you a warm hug and a joyful Happy Birthday!