Friday, February 1, 2008

Resistant leaf

Neither blow nor rain or snow is stronger then the leaf fights for survival.
Have a nice weekend!


Michele said...

Fantastic job!! Oooo... impressive. I am so amazed how little leaves like this one can hang on through nature's fury... you captured it beautifully. Good weekend to you as well.

Wolfgang said...

not only apples wrinkle... Nice shot!

Andrea said...

When you don't want to leave,you don't leave...


Joy said...

That's a leaf that's got stories to tell. I like the angle and the composition.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and your kind comments. Drop by again!

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Kerri Farley said...

Oh Medam....I DO LOVE LEAVES....even the old and wrinkled! When I "click" on this I can see so much detail of the leaf. WOW oh have made my Day!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your wrinkled apple a lot. Nice photo there. I also like this leaf picture. It is a very nice photograph.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Hi Medam,
I like the leaf, wrinkled apple and cat photos. They are very interesting!

Anonymous said...


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myonlyphoto said...

Interesting, and true, the leaves are strong to survive the winter, but then the colder the temperature, the are being preserved. Hope you had a good weekend Medam. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

I am completely with you, MedaM. I went out for a stroll today during work and encountered many brown leaves hanging on. They captured me! I wonder how they do it.

photowannabe said...

Great shot and its rather how I have felt lately. Just hanging on some of the time.