Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Morning frost

These two photos were taken last Friday early morning. This is frost on the windshield of our car. The frozen snowflakes were so small that I didn't believe they would be visible on the photo at all. So this was only my experiment for which I think it turned out a little bit interesting.


Kumu said...

You have some really nice snaps! Great work!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

What neat snowflake shots and they did work out. I can see the outlines and all of each delicate design. These were a wonderful experiment! I am glad I'm back to see your photos once more!

Wolfgang said...

Well done, we'll have a similar shot soon on our blog..

Andrea said...

Great!Really beautiful pictures.
Sometimes the best shots come from experiments.
I think the best of theese pictures comes from the fact you can see the snowflake,but the sky is clear.


Guntur Purwanto said...

Beautiful pictures! :)

Tyo from Indonesia

JB's Big World said...

They look like beautiful stars. Nice!

photowannabe said...

Really quite lovely. They almost look like birds flying by. I think you did a great job capturing them.

Kerri said...

Very interesting shots Medam! I think snowflakes are pretty amazing!!! Great experiment...keep up the good work!!

joy said...

Love this photo! It's really beautiful. If you perhaps saturate the colours a bit, I'm sure the flakes will stand out more.

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Anna said...

Wow this is really cool, I always enjoyed watching frozen windows upclose, they have so much nice patterns created by nature. Anna :)