Monday, October 8, 2007

Blue flower

Thank you my blog friends very much for your visiting, your nice and kind comments. That is a great support for me.
This is another macro that I took last week in my garden. The diameter of this flower is not bigger then 3 cm.
I took this photo with my new camera Cannon A 460, 5.0 Mp, 4x optical zoom lens which I have been using since September of this year. That was when my husband bought this camera for me because my old one had started to make me some problems.


Andrea said...

Wow MedaM!
Great close picture.
It was a good idea to take it from
Thank you for visiting my blog.

photowannabe said...

I like the softness an angle of this shot. Isn't it fun to play around with the different styles?

Wolfgang said...

Nice focus, bravo!

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous. That blue is probably my favorite color.