Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hawthorn is known herb and one of the oldest medicinal herbs of European medicine. It grows as bushy shrubs or small trees and there are many species of hawthorn but I don’t know much about it. What I know is that this medicinal herb has its positive effects on the heart, arrhythmias; it may also help to lower high blood pressure as well as to lower cholesterol levels etc.
Take care of yourself and of your heart! :-)


K M F said...

fantastic shot i love the DOF

Anonymous said...

I like this photo a lot. The simplicity of the subject and the composition makes me smile.

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Your Love Coach

Wolfgang said...

There is an island in Lake Huron called Manitoulin, it's the biggest island in a lake in the world. (About 140 km long and 40 km wide) There are so many hawthorns there that the nickname for the inhabitants is "Haweaters". They even make an icecream with hawthorns. There are only 12000 people on the island, about half are American Indians.

Max-e said...

Hi MedaM
I followed the link from photowannabe. Just want to say the you have taken some great pictures. Photography is not about the camera, but about eye of the photographer. You have a good eye and I am I sure you will be publishing some great shots in the future.

Anonymous said...