Thursday, October 4, 2007


What I really wanted to photograph was this wild flowers that we call “kaćuni” which beautiful pink colour attracted me. (That is plural of “kaćun”). These flowers grow in spring and it is one of the heralds of that season but I took that photo last Sunday. No wonder because the weather is so beautiful just like it was spring instead of autumn.
I wanted to know how “kaćuni” is called in English and I was surprised when I found “Orchidaceae” written in my dictionary. It cannot be…I know what Orchid is. I am now confused.


ruth said...

Hmm, I don't know what it is, maybe fall crocus? Very pretty shade.

Andrea said...

I agree with Ruth:Crocus or Colchicum (maybe it's the same)

MedaM said...

Ruth and Andrea; you two seem to be right. I have found the „crocus“is the right word for my „kaćuni“. I have also found out on the net that crocus belong to the saffron's family and it is known more then 100 sorts of saffron but that only 1/3 is cultivated. Some are bloom in autumn but are very rare.
Thank you for your comments very much.