Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let me in!

On my way home from work yesterday this scene took my eye. This cat looked so cute while trying to find its way in the house.
I am taking this opportunity to say that this house is one of very old Bosnian’s houses. God know when it was built. I’ve never seen anybody from that hose. This one isn’t nice but its little windows are interesting. Little window is called “kapidžik” and the wooden bars are “mušepci” for watching. Once upon a time love idylls for flirting (it is said “ašikovanje”) were taking place by those little windows; a girl is talking with her boyfriend through that “kapidžik” while he is standing in the street.

Old people always were careful when build or sell houses so all this reminded me to an old story that I heard long ago. Story says about a man who wanted to sell his house for the price of 300 ducats’. Buyers noticed that the house was too expensive and that it wasn’t worth more then 100 ducats. The owner replied to him: “The house really isn’t worth more then 100 ducats’ but its left neighbor worth 100 ducats and its right neighbor worth 100 ducats, so it is 300 ducats in total.
Well, I think it really is important what neighborhood we live in and who lives next to our door.

Please, click on the photos to see more details!


Gerald (SK14) said...

The cat looks a little unsure of what do next, but I expect it is a regular visit. I'm not sure I altogether understood your story but no matter.

Andrea said...

Everything is nice in this post.
The picture,the red cat,the explanation about the windows,the story.
This is the best in blogging:switch on the computer,see a good picture,read something nice.Few minutes of relax and freedom.
Thank You

photowannabe said...

Good story and shots of the cat and the window. Interesting window to talk through.

Wolfgang said...

Nice find!

Mandy said...

great combination of cat and window.

Max-e said...

Hi MedaM
These are really great shots - I love your composition of the picture. I also enjoyed your comment.